Monday, September 5, 2016

Construction in Final Phase

The Glen Town Center Streetscape project made progress this week as construction winds down. The contractor continues coordinating various tasks including:
  • Finalizing electrical and irrigation system installation
  • Delivery and installation of signage and outdoor furniture including benches, bike racks, and trash bins
  • Plant trees and shrubs in planter beds
  • Caulking along the sidewalk adjacent to business fronts
  • Spraying protective coat on concrete sidewalk
  • Installing railing on Valor Drive and various handrails throughout the project site 
Visitors and businesses of the Glen Town Center can expect minimal disruptions as we complete construction punchlist items.

Parking spots on Tower Drive and Navy Boulevard will be limited when trees and outdoor furniture is delivered. Parking is encouraged in the parking garages which are accessible via Aviator Lane and Valor Drive.

Punchlist items should take approximately three weeks to complete.