Thursday, August 25, 2016

Final Phase of Construction

The Village of Glenview has started the final phase of construction for the Glen Town Center Streetscape project. Although major construction activity is complete, we continue to urge visitors of the Glen Town Center to use caution considering there will be trucks entering and leaving the project site delivering outdoor furniture, statues, trees, and plants.

Work completed this week, August 22 to August 26:
  • Install railing at the retaining wall on Aviator Drive.
  • Continue installing irrigation system and electrical throughout project site.
  • Remove temporary electrical lines from project site.
Construction activity scheduled for next week, beginning August 29:
  • Finish installing irrigation system and electrical throughout project site.
  • Begin landscape work – installation of trees and shrubs.
  • Install outdoor furniture including trash cans and benches.
  • Caulking along buildings, doorways will be caulked after business hours.
Friendly Reminder:
  • Parking on surface spots throughout the Glen Town Center as landscape and outdoor furniture is delivered and installed. Parking in garages in strongly encouraged. 
  • All businesses are open during construction!