Friday, May 27, 2016

Construction Update for Memorial Day Weekend

The Village of Glenview reminds you to use caution in the construction zone, especially over the holiday weekend. There will be no construction activity throughout the weekend or on Monday, May 30th in observance for Memorial Day. There is ample parking for visitors at the Glen Town Center. The parking garages can be accessed using Aviator Lane and Valor Drive. We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Work completed last week, May 23rd to May 27th:
·         Concrete poured from new sidewalk to curb on west side of Tower Drive from Aviator Lane to Valor Drive
·         Pour concrete planter beds along the west side of Tower Drive from Aviator Lane to Valor Drive
o   All planter beds are now complete along west side of Tower Drive
·         Contractor is preparing sections where stamped and colored concrete will be installed
·         Electrical conduit, foundations, and hand-holes installed along project site
·         Irrigation piping installation on-going
Work to be completed May 31st to June 3rd:
·         Concrete poured from new sidewalk to curb on west side of Tower Drive from Wolverine Drive to Valor Drive
o   It is anticipated all standard concrete along the west side of Tower Drive will be completed by the end of the week!
·         Concrete sidewalk installation along Navy Boulevard
·         Begin installation of stamped and colored concrete on west side of Tower Drive
·         North side of Aviator from Tower (east) to Patriot: Begin sidewalk and ramp/staircase removal. The doors to Ra Sushi on Aviator Drive will be closed; customers will gain access to Ra Sushi using the patio doors located on Patriot Boulevard
o   Sidewalk on the north side of Aviator will also be closed. Pedestrians will be rerouted to use the sidewalk along the south side of Aviator Drive
·         Electrical conduits, foundations, and hand-hole construction continues
·         Irrigation piping installation continues
Week of June 6th  – Work shifts to EAST side of Tower Drive
It is anticipated the contractor will move to the east side of Tower Drive from Navy Boulevard to Aviator Lane starting Monday, June 6th. This will be a significant project milestone as a majority of the work on the west side of Tower Drive will be completed.
The shifting to east side of the Tower Drive will also mean the businesses along this side of the street will be directly affected.

It is anticipated concrete sidewalk removal will begin on Monday, June 6th. Concrete sidewalk installation adjacent to the buildings will occur the same week during the late afternoon and evening hours. Businesses will be contacted individually regarding timing of the work to be completed, temporary access following the concrete sidewalk removal, and restrictions to doorways during concrete sidewalk installation.
Saturday Work
Due to the construction schedules and completion timeframes, the contractor will begin working most Saturdays following the Memorial Day Weekend. The contractor has been granted permission by Village staff to begin work at 8:00 AM on Saturdays to avoid the busiest times of the day. The contractor anticipates being completed with their work by 3:00 PM.